COMPASSng Messaging has been designed, developed and tested exclusively within the shipping industry. As of 2000, it has been installed and used by major shipbrokers, shipowners, shipmanagers and other shipping companies. COMPASSng Messaging has a proven ability to handle large volumes of messages everyday while it provides unparalleled reliability and failsafe operation. Many essential extra features for shipping companies have been added which can not be found in other generic messaging systems.


More key features of COMPASSng Messaging include:


  Powerful and ultra fast search engine

Mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone

Integration with PABX (telephone)

Fully integrated Address book, Calendar and Task Manager

Advanced filing of messages, deals, fixtures and external files

Easy management of circular lists

Capability to be integrated with more specialised modules (chartering, S&P, offshore, etc)