A few words about COMPASSng

COMPASSng is an integrated software for the maritime industry that combines a powerful  email platform and a comprehensive shipping database.

Currently installed in more than 12 countries, it has become the software of choice for many prestigious shipping and shipbroking companies.

Find below only a few of the challenges that our solutions address.

How can we help you?

Challenge: Big volumes of emails

In the maritime sector, emails are received and sent at frantic rates. Even small companies of 2 or 3 people can easily exceed an average total of 2 or 3 thousand emails daily (we have seen more). Bigger companies go even higher and are in a league of their own.

Solution: Archiving

COMPASSng multi-layered design guarantees that no matter how quickly your email volume grows, your software always keeps up and provides a smooth and fast user experience. With three-stage automatic archiving, COMPASSng can store and archive emails without limits. All new and old emails are readily available to users in real time, all the time.  Group emails are only stored once. So are attachments. With COMPASSng you will need less space on your servers. Which means better performance at a lower cost.

Bonus: All this is done in the background, because users shouldn’t bother.

Challenge: Slow search

Our Solution: Full Text Search

As volumes of emails pile up, with the standard solutions you may be currently using, like Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird or  similar software, you are experiencing delays in searching. COMPASSng provides what is called Full Text Search and will make sure that no matter how many emails are stored, your search results will always be in your hands in a few seconds.

Bonus: Full Text Search gives you freedom to search for a single word, a full phrase, parts of them or any other combination.

Challenge: Work remotely

Our Solution: COMPASSng mobile apps 

COMPASSng can be used anywhere with its new mobile apps. If you have an iPhone or an Android device you are good to go. It does not matter what screen size you have, we take care of this. There is no difference if you send or read emails on your desktop or on your mobile device. Everything is well synchronized and you will not spot the difference ( neither will your clients…).

Bonus: iOS and Android tablets of any size are also fully supported. Stay tuned for great new features for tablets that are coming up!

Challenge: Work as a team

Solution: Shared emails on group mailboxes

COMPASSng knows what needs to be done when working in a team or a company department. It will simply notify your colleagues of your sent email, without the fuss. You will be able to see in real-time which of your colleagues has read it and probably read notes they have added.

Bonus: You can always keep your private email address and it is super easy to switch between your group email address and your private one. To be more precise, lots of different group email addresses and many private ones if you have to.

Challenge: Transfer my current data to COMPASSng

Our Solution: Piece of cake for us = Peace of mind for you

Just let us know what is your current email and shipping software and let us take care of the rest. If you happen to use another commercial software, the chances are we have transferred such data in the past and we know what to do. We indulge ourselves in  you finding all your data in COMPASSng on a Monday morning, having used your old software for the last time on Friday evening. Welcome to COMPASSng!

Bonus: If you happen to use Outlook or Gmail, transferring all your emails and address book into COMPASSng is literally piece of cake.

Challenge: Filing emails too limited

Solution: Dynamic filing

Most email applications allow users to drag and drop emails to filing folders. This is a trusted and tested way to file emails since antiquity. But you can try something better. Instead of putting your emails in folders, why don’t you just link your message with a ship, a fixture or a voyage? This kind of dynamic filing will allow you to find all related emails as soon as you search for that ship, fixture or voyage in the future. And vice versa, it would let you know which ship, fixture or voyage each email is related to. You can also use keywords, which are short, smart tags that you can attach on an email so as to find it fast later, both on your desktop and mobile app.  There are many more, flexible ways to file your emails with COMPASSng. You can also use single flags, double flags, message rules, pop-up alerts, saved searches or … (this is getting too long, better call us to explain).

Bonus: All these relations are shown as hyperlinks on COMPASSng, so that you just click and go. You will be amazed how much less you will be using the Search buttons with COMPASSng.

Challenge: Too much software

Our Solution: Integrated COMPASSng

COMPASSng is truly an integrated software that combines email with a sophisticated database where users can store virtually all business data and intelligence. Data can either be entered manually, imported from IHS if you are a subscriber or simply imported from Excel sheets or other sources you may have. It can also provide sophisticated tools to search, match and export all valuable information anyone wants.

Bonus: Especially for shipbrokers, COMPASSng can automatically extract important information (such as ship positions and cargo orders) from incoming emails and store them in your database without user intervention. It cannot get much simpler.

Challenge: Data entry takes too long

Solution: Easy data entry 

COMPASSng has been built to serve any company size and particular attention has been paid to make it easy for data entry. We know that not all companies can afford to have the luxury of dedicated people to update their shipbroking database. That’s why we have carefully crafted and combined data sources and fields in one screen so as to make everybody’s life easier.

Bonus: After updating some data in COMPASSng, we go the extra mile to save even more time for you. For example, we link together the message you took information from and the ship you just updated based on this information, so everything is ready when you need it later.

Challenge: Microsoft Excel cannot keep up

Solution: Use a database.

This is what databases were invented for: to store volumes of data and make it easy to search. COMPASSng comes  integrated with a fully-featured Microsoft SQL Server database which can keep all your data (everything you have stored since antiquity) and make it ultra-fast to search. Databases can also lead you to having cleaner data, i.e., adds some discipline on the data you enter in the system to avoid piling up garbage.

Bonus: Databases makes it easier to summarise, analyse or report past performance. If you want to make sense of what really happened in the past, a database is the way to go.

Challenge: Share news in real time

Solution: Whiteboard!

One option would be to stand on your desk and shout. A more practical solution would be to use the COMPASSng whiteboard which lets you type in and share, in real-time, any news you may have. It looks much like instant messaging, something you may already be using a lot.

Bonus: With a click of a button, you can share with your colleagues a link to a ship, a message or a fixture of your database. You will not have to explain much this way. Our clients already find this to be a true  time saver.